training options

Virtual / On-Line:

  • Reviewing examples & practicing, instead of lecturing. Homework between meetings

  • Minimal disruption to individual's existing work - can be done in evenings if desired

Traditional - On-Site:

  • Location selected by customer

  • Reading assignment to be done prior to first day of training

Mixed Format:

  • On-Site for demonstrating methods, reviewing examples and practicing

  • Vitual meetings for more general discussions, monitoring progress and answering questions

Certifications (no test required)

LPHD Leader

For Leaders / Managers

Without needing to know the methods very deeply, it is still very important for leaders to understand how, why, and when the situation calls for this approach.

  • 2 days of discussion, examples & practice

  • Understand the HD Elements

  • Resource requirements

  • Who are good candidates for learning/practicing

  • What to look for and expect during the HD process

  • Evaluating the results of the work

$2000 per person

PPHD Practitioner

For any person who wants to learn the details of the HD approach.

Prepares them to be able to practice the methods with guidance.

Required for engaging in the EPHD certification process.

Workshops, Reading & Practice:

Week 1

    • Pre-Reading - 2hrs

    • Discussion - 1hr session: process, goals & mutual expectations

Week 2

    • Pre-Reading - 1hr

    • Discuss Examples - 1hr session

    • Overview of HD Process - 2hr session

Week 3

  • Pre-Reading - 1hr

  • HD Methods - 3 hrs

  • Homework -example problem

Week 4

  • Pre-Reading - 1hr

  • HD Methods - 3 hrs

  • Homework - example problem

Week 5

  • Pre-Reading - 1hr

  • Discuss un-used or unusual sources of information - 2 hrs

  • Homework - find/summarize complementary sources of information

Week 6

  • Jointly walk through a detailed example - 2 hrs

  • Summarize what we have learned.

  • Discuss how to proceed further.

On-Line or Mixed Format - $5000

*includes 3 hrs of off-line coaching consulting per person

EPHD Expert

Pre-requisite: PPHD Certification

For individuals who have many of the characteristics listed in the "Philosophy" drop-down, AND...

...the willingness & desire to immerse themselves in learning, practicing, applying, mentoring, and leading others within their organization.

Therefore, this process is:

  • Self-driven

  • Focused on their problems/challenges

  • Focused on becoming self-sufficient

The weekly schedule will be flexible, to meet the learner's schedule.

  • Each week will be a combination of brief mtgs, reading, homework, and working on their chosen project.

  • The student gets up to 4 hours per week of individual support as requested.

Weeks 1-4:

    • Discuss the certification process, goals & expectations

    • Review experiences after achieving PPHD

    • Begin learning/practicing some of the detailed methods. (the bulk of time and focus during the first 4 weeks).

    • Individual project work to learn and apply the methods in a deeper, more practical way.

Weeks 5-8

    • Applying the HD approach and methods to their project.

    • In-depth study of the concepts.

Week 9-12

  • Continue work on a project

  • Summarize/document their project, including the status prior to beginning, vs. the new approach and results:

  • Create a personal plan for continuing their journey

On-Line or Mixed Format - $12000

*includes 6 hrs of off-line consulting per person

Approved Providers for Training, Coaching & Consulting include:

(Other Providers are Being Established)

Other certifications are being developed which will be tailored to specific disciplines, industries, etc. For example:

RPHD Hybrid Design for Reliability Professionals

SPHD Hybrid Design for Safety Professionals

...and possibly certifications for high school and college students