PHD Philosophy & goals

"Progessive Hybrid Design is a strategy that incorporates elements and processes from diverse fields, in a rigorous way, to solve very difficult problems."

If we are not working towards great solutions to problems and challenges, what is the value of "analysis"?

PHD philosophy

We are promoting a rigorous, advanced approach that will only resonate with a very small group of people. Some characteristics of people who will gravitate to these concepts include:

  • They tend to set very high bars for themselves and their endeavors.

  • They want to surpass everyone's expectations of what is possible.

  • They want to leave something behind that they will be remembered for.

  • They don't want to be known for creating expensive. complex solutions that represent compromises.

  • They can get so excited about what they have accomplished that they want to go home and tell their families about it.

  • They love to be challenged.

  • They are interested in learning... everything and anything that they can use.

  • They tend to be highly disciplined, persistent, and patient to achieve the results they want.

  • They like to engage in solitary, deep-thinking about subjects.

  • They enjoy and benefit from using abstract ideas and analogies.

  • For those that do want to dive into this; they will study, practice. and master it regardless of anyone else's expectations.

  • They would embrace it regardless of any certification.

So, this is not everyone's passion. But even if someone is not interested, we don't suggest that they are not great at what they do.

What Progressive HD is not about:

  • We are not incorporating common techniques (Six Sigma, Lean, Design Thinking, etc), as they are already widespread. Common tools/methods are adequate for common problems, but that is not our focus.

  • Small, continuous improvement is not our focus

  • Optimizing, or compromising between competing goals/requirements, is not our focus

  • Random group brainstorming is not appropriate for identifying causes and/or developing solutions to difficult problems

  • Project length is not predictable for developing acceptable, elegant solutions to difficult problems, nor is any part of the project predictable

What Progressive HD is about:

  • Where others have tried and failed, we will solve it once and surpass expectations

  • For tough, long-standing problems

  • Considerable deep thinking is required by individuals

  • The process will often be “messy” and require considerable persistence

  • Must turn to more advanced, rigorous “causal analysis” for when common tools/approaches have not led to complete resolution

  • The ultimate goal is to resolve seemingly-impossible problems with "Elegant Solutions", i.e., solutions that are simple and inexpensive, without compromises or trade-offs

  • Expect a longer time-to-solution, which pays off in only having to solve it once, and the solution will be much more elegant than thought possible.

A Short Essay from Don R., on "Problem Solving Has No Absolutes"

PHD Goals

Elegant Solutions

We don't mean to suggest we desire only beautiful, expensive solutions to problems (although simplicity often conveys a special kind of beauty).

Instead, we are referring to solutions that meet three criteria:

  1. Inexpensive, or even Free! (Any fool can create solutions to problems as long as they have a lot of money)

  2. Simplicity (Any fool can also solve problems with overly-complicated solutions. Why do we have "Rube Goldberg" contests?)

  3. No Compromises ("Optimum" is just a fancy name for trading-off, compromising, or basically "giving up" on satisfying all requirements completely)