David Troness

Brief Background:

  • 30 years of experience with Intel, Honeywell, Ford, Boeing, and others

      • Industrial Engineering, Reliability Engineering, Product Development, Organizational Development, Innovation Processes, and Engineering Consulting.

      • Co-Author of a series of books on Systematic Innovation

      • Extensive Training, Practice, and Coaching in Systematic Innovation

  • 3 years as Adjunct Professor at Arizona State University - College of Engineering

  • MS - Industrial and Management Systems Engineering

  • 5 years doing Cognitive-Behavior Therapy with Adolescents

  • BS - Psychology

What Motivated Me:

  • Started to see the value, power, and importance of including my past education & experience in psychology and sociology.

  • Had several successful projects where this additional focus enabled the complete resolution of the problem.

  • I could see that you don't need degrees in all those other areas... you just have to reach out to experts and/or the internet. Perhaps most importantly, you need humility and a passion to learn.

  • This rekindled my interest in learning more about so many different things. This is a key element missing from STEM efforts today.

  • It is fun and satisfying to engage in this activity (otherwise, I would have dropped this years ago).

Why I started Hybrid-Design.org:

  • Seeing other people get excited about this, makes me feel great. But I am not naive about it, ie. I realize very few people in the world will get excited about this. I don't mind though, as seeing even a couple of people get turned on to it, would be great!